Job Search Tip of the Week #98: “Who Wants To Know”! Your Way Out Of A New Job

Good Afternoon,

How are you doing with that one less hour?  Surprisingly, I am actually doing OK which is unusual for me when we spring forward.

Last week during one of our workshops the topic of the way people answer the phone came up.  As you can see our Getting America Back to Work workshops are very comprehensive!

Tip of the Week: “Who Wants To Know”! Your Way Out Of A New Job

Modern-day technology has ruined us.  There, I said it!  Well not all of it but Caller ID certainly has.  It’s never a surprise who is calling anymore and if you don’t recognize the number 9 times out of 10 you don’t pick it up, right?  Right!  And if you do pick it up it’s with that skeptical “Helloooo?”  Then if the person doesn’t immediately identify themselves after asking for you, you hit them with the “Who Wants To Know”.

The dreaded who wants to know!  Really?   You don’t do that when you are actively looking for a job do you?  Some of you do.  Remember our Tip of the Week at the end of last year “Baby Got Back”, Stopping U From Getting Hired?  We made the point that the song or ringback tone doesn’t present a professional image of you and neither does who wants to know.  This is a perfect example of how the first impression you make can be the last one you make.

Abandon modern technology or at least Caller ID during your job search.  Answer all calls even the ones that come from numbers you don’t recognize.  You never know when that “Unknown” call may be the one that leads you to your dream opportunity!

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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