Job Search Tip of the Week #101: Being Prepared

Good Afternoon,

I hope you had a great holiday weekend and that your week is off to an excellent start!  Last week, I spoke at the California Workforce Association Spring Conference down in San Diego on How to Craft Resumes, Interview, and Get America Back to Work.  During my presentation I made the point that it’s not enough to tell people what they need to do. If you really want to help them get back to work you have to show them HOW to do it.

Tip of the Week: Being Prepared

Beyond wearing a conservative suit, minimal makeup, fragrance and jewelry you should know the company that you are approaching inside and out. Visit their website and find out who their Executives are.  Run a Google search for their most up to date news articles and press.  Look for them on LinkedIn; depending on their size they should have a profile with company statistics including demographics. You should also do similar research on the person you are interviewing with. If they have a, “different” name, find out the proper way to say it. This is easily done by calling the company switchboard and listening to the automatic greeting or asking the receptionist.

Know how your experience ties directly to the position you are applying for.  Go through the job description point by point and make sure you can speak to WHY your experience is directly connected to the position.

It takes work to Be Prepared but as a friend once told me: If you stay ready, you will never have to get ready!  Take this Tip of the Week to heart and get ready!

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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  1. Gloria Camacho says:

    I always enjoy your emails. Your comments, tips and job leads are inspirational; however, I cannot practice much of what I read. I have seen my peers moving up the leader in the same or different field. However, I feel it imposible to describe my qualifications in writing much less transfer them to open job positions. What is wrong?

  2. Kwame Dow says:


    I just sent you an email let’s chat.


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