Job Search Tip of the Week #106: Top 7 Job Search MUSTS!


What a great weekend and what an amazing week it is going to be (yes I can see into the future)!  My 6 ¾ year old daughter (as she would say) qualified for Nationals in gymnastics on Saturday, then did an amazing job in her piano recital on Sunday and will celebrate her 7th birthday later this week!  Big things are happening in the Dow Household!  In honor of her birthday I am going to share my Top 7 Job Search Musts so that big things can also happen in your household!

Tip of the Week: Top 7 Job Search MUSTS!

These are 7 things you MUST do if you are going to get hired in today’s job market!

7.    Google Yourself; potential employers will likely Google you before they hire you so you need to know what they will find.  Go to Google and type your name (first and last) hit google search, then type “your name” with quotes hit google search, and then type yourname all together and that’s right you guessed it…hit google search.

6.    Utilize Your Network; you can’t look for a job in a box.  Your friends and former coworkers would love to help you find a new job but they can’t if they don’t know you are looking.  Join LinkedIn, Facebook, OppsPlace and other networking sites.  Also go old school with it and get out from behind your desk and go to networking events in your industry…crazy idea right!

5.    Don’t Be Late; early is the new on-time!  You have to be 15-20 minutes early for an interview.  You know your city, so you know the traffic, make sure you give yourself enough time to get to the interview so that you are not rushed.  When you get there take a few deep breaths relax and get ready to get that job!  Oh one more thing, if you something unexpected does happen and you are going to be late make sure to call before you are actually late…the hiring manager will be more forgiving that if you all 5 minutes after you should have been there.

4.    Say Thank You!; this is an absolute must!  This might seem a little weird to say but don’t get caught up with modern technology on this one.  Send an old school thank you card, it makes a difference.  The hiring manager will display it on their desk and that will keep you top of mind vs. the email that they will not be able to find 20 minutes after they receive it because they get so many emails everyday.

3.    Customize Your Resume; you can’t send the same resume to every job you apply to.  Hiring managers don’t have the time to figure out how you are a fit for their position; you have to spell it out!  For the next week (until May 28th) in honor of my daughter’s Birthday you can get our NEW Resume Module for $7.00 vs. the $19.97 we usually charge for it.  This will be one of the best investments in your career!  If you don’t think so I will give you your $7 bucks back…it’s a only $7 bucks I think your career is worth it!

2.    State Your Interest; you have to let employers know you want their job and here is a script to help you do it State Your Interest

1.    Communicate Your Value; how will you help them make money, stretch the budget they have and do more in 40 hrs than any other candidate?  If you can communicate your value in this way there isn’t a job out there you can’t get.  We teach job seekers How to do this every day!  Email us today and find out How we can help you get hired!

That’s all for now, I hope that you household has as great a week as the Dow Household is going to have.

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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