Job Search Tip of the Week# 135: Stopping Nervousness

Good Afternoon

What a week!  I am finally back to my routine after being in and out of the office for the past few weeks.  Congrats to those who took advantage of the Summer Special (20 slots) I know they went fast (lasted a day and a half).  Those of you who missed out on the special rate don’t let that stop you from making a necessary investment in your career!

Tip of the Week: Stopping Nervousness

Being nervous is natural and in many cases (outside of the interview room) it can be hard to tell when someone is or isn’t.  During an interview however it can be clearer, candidates are conscious of it and interviewers are looking for it.  The interviewer is looking because they want to get a sense of if they are getting the real you or if they need to temper your presentation because of the environment.  The candidate is often very excited about the opportunity and puts added pressure on themselves to do their best and is often a nervous wreck.

This is what I advise my clients to do prior to an interview to combat their nervous tendencies.  First, don’t call or think of an interview an interview.  Think of it as a conversation where you are getting to know the interviewer and they are getting to know you.  Second, be prepared.  Be knowledgeable about the organization, position and how it ties to your background.  Lastly, realize that you are talking about the thing that you know the most about in the world…you!  There is no one in the world who knows more about you than you so there is no need to be nervous about a topic you are an expert on.

Now that your nervousness is cured, good luck on your next conversation.  I trust you will be prepared when talking about your favorite subject.  Go out there and get that job!

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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