Job Search Tip of the Week #136: Moving the Hiring Process Along

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I hope your week is off to a great start!  I just got back from picking up my daughter after her 2 ½ week vacation in New York  hanging with her cousins…oh to be young and to have two super cool parents (my wife and I) who sent her there :).

If you have been reading our tips for the last 4 years you know that we focus on your value, communication and the detail necessary to move your job search to a positive outcome.  Detail is the focus of this week’s tip.

Tip of the Week: Moving the Hiring Process Along

When you have interviewed for a job, answered all questions completely, communicated your value, asked a few questions of the interviewer and closed the interview (using our signature close) how do you move the process along?  The only way you can move the process along is to get a clear expectation of next steps.  You must find out if they are interviewing additional candidates beyond you and what is their timetable for making the hire.  Best way to find this out is to ask.  Let’s say you asked and found out that they will interview 2 additional candidates and make a decision in a week.

A week has now passed and you haven’t heard from them; what do you do now?  Call and use this script. “Good afternoon Mr. Smith I hope all is well with you.  At the end of my interview last week you mentioned you would be interviewing 2 additional candidates and making a decision from there.  I am following up to see if a decision has been made as of yet”.  It’s OK to make this call because you clearly asked and were told that the expectation of making a hire would occur in a week.  If the hiring manager says that they are still interviewing, haven’t made their decision and that it will be another week…thank them and let them know that you are still very much interested in the position and close the conversation.

If another week passes and you haven’t heard it’s OK to repeat the process.  Don’t be concerned that you will be seen as bothering them because you are only following the timeline that they gave you.  If the end result of the second call is that they have selected another candidate; do this.   “Thank you for your time I am still very much interested in the organization and if another opportunity presents itself I would like to be considered for the position.”  Do not, I repeat Do Not why them to death.  Meaning don’t ask, “why not me”, “why did you all make that decision”, “why”, “why”, “why”, “why”.  By not why-ing them you take the pressure of explaining their decision off of them.  Keep in mind the first choice doesn’t always work out and sometimes the second choice (you) is really the best choice.  Thanking them may lead to them calling you if the number one doesn’t work out.

The best way to move the hiring process along is to make sure you understand the next steps and then follow the timeline using this week’s tip.

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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