Job Search Tip of the Week #140: How to List Freelance Work on Resume

Happy Monday!

I hope that you had a nice weekend!  This time of the year is birthday season in my world so my weekend’s are spend chauffeuring my daughter from one party to the next.  It might sound like I am complaining but trust me I am not the benefits (birthday cake) out way any possible negatives.  On to this week’s tip

Tip of the Week: How to List Freelance Work on Resume

I just received a note from an old, I mean former (she’s not old) client of mine asking what is the best way to list freelance work on your resume.  Since freelance work in many cases is short term it is best to categorize and combine it as best you can.  What do I mean?  Let’s say you are a graphic designer who works on a variety of projects (creative, accounting, retail etc.) you want to categorize the work you do.  Meaning all creative work together, all accounting work together, all retail work together etc.  Then Combine by putting all of that work under one of the following headings; Freelance/Contract/ABC Company (if you have your own company use that name).

One additional note, make sure that when you categorize your work you list all clients you worked for.  By doing this it gives a potential employer or client a sense of your level of experience and your client list may be the reason that they look to give you a shot.

Categorize and combine it’s the best way to note your freelance work on your resume.

Have a great day and an even better week!

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