Job Search Tip of the Week #142: Neck Tattoos a Pandemic?

Good Afternoon,

Hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to an even better start.  Last week, I decided to take the week off to recharge my battery and get ready to finish the year off strong.  I had no plans and ended up spending most of the week relaxing at home, going to the movies and out to lunch with friends.  I made an observation though and thought I would ask your thoughts on it in this week’s tip of the week.  Neck tattoos seem to be everywhere…I am starting to think that it’s a tattoo pandemic.

Tip of the Week: Neck Tattoos a Pandemic?

Last week I had lunch at My 2 Cents (best restaurant in Los Angeles by the way) with my buddy Orlando Bishop from Align Performance and it seemed like 1 out of 10 people that came in had a neck tattoo…beyond that it seems to be the case wherever I go out here in Los Angeles.  Clearly you know my position on tattoos, if not reference this Tip of the Week, Tattoos Great for Play Not for Work written by our guest writer Stania Romain from

This week instead of a tip I would like your thoughts…are neck tattoos now acceptable?  Email us at subject line neck tatt and I will post your responses in next week’s tip of the week.

Have a great day and an even better week!
Kwame Dow

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