ARTICULATE (Pronounced-Articulate U) helps Organizations and Individuals achieve success during the job search and hiring processes.

“Thanks so much Kwame!  The information you presented made a big impact in my life.  I will practice what I have learned every day…also I am feeling confident that if I use what I have learned from your classes I will have a promising future.”
Lisa Martinez

Job seekers:

  • Have you been sending out dozens or even hundreds of resumes without getting a response?
  • Are you frustrated because you know you have the right experience for a job you are applying to but can’t seem to break through the online application process?
  • Has the interviewing process not garnered the results you want even though you feel like you “nailed it” during the interview with the hiring manager?

If you answered YES to any of these questions click here, and discover how you can turn your job search around.


  • Are you inundated with resumes from eager job seekers applying for jobs for which they aren’t qualified?
  • Are you in need of recruiting support to augment a special project?
  • Are you tired of paying recruiters astronomical fees for a pool of candidates that still don’t fit the bill?
  • Are you ready to implement a streamlined system for screening, interviewing and hiring potential candidates?

Click here if  you answered YES to any of these questions and find out the impact we can have on your business.