“Working with Kwame and Articulate U, transformed not only the way I developed my resume, but also how I view my day to day work, and my entire career, frankly.  I am much more determined to bring quantifiable value, and to be able to communicate that value.  There methods make sense and are proven; not only that, they will push you to dig deep into who you are, what you do, why you do it and why it matters.  I would recommend their services to those who are ready to examine themselves professionally, and take their aspirations to the next level.”
Elizabeth McLemore
Client Relationship Manager
Email Marketing Industry

Articulate U – Services and creativity are top-notch, I have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for me.

Kwame Dow at Articulate U is an excellent communicator. He provides a unique perspective to your resume; utilizing his strategies we were able to clearly define my skill set which I know will help me achieve my career goals.
Nadine Afari
Viterbi School of Engineering
University of Southern California

“Thank you Articulate U!  The Weekly Job Search Tips you provided were helpful and informative in assisting me with my search for employment.  On Monday, I started my new job as an Accountant with the Department of Defense. I am certainly wishing Kwame Dow and Articulate U continued success in Getting America Back to Work!
Blessed in Baltimore,
Nita Bracy
Department of Defense

“I never knew I needed assistance “articulating my value” until a friend introduced me to Kwame Dow and Articulate U.  During our first conversation I quickly realized how valuable there services were!  I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Articulate U is the reason I land my role as an Assistant Vice President of Finance.

Kwame is professional, passionate, intelligent, and very trustworthy.  I felt safe in allowing him to identify and address areas I needed improvement.  It was amazing how he was able to uncover accomplishments and things that I thought everyone at my level did…amazing!  He did this by highlighting the value I brought to previous employers and outlined why that would be valuable to my future employer.  All along the way serving as my ultimate cheerleader!

When you sign up to work with them, get ready to put in the work, but I promise you, there is no other investment that’s more valuable than the investment you make in yourself!  This investment will take your career to the next level.  I can never thank Kwame and Articulate U, enough for all of their help and for the extra gentle push they gave to help me achieve my goals!”
Lori A Greenwood
ACE Insurance Company -Philadelphia, PA

“I directly attribute my new position as Executive Director of Wesley Community Center Inc. to the support and guidance I received from Articulate U!  If I did not share how Articulate U supported and guided me through my search I would be doing everyone looking to take their career to the next level a disservice.

I always had an inner vision of where I wanted my career to be but wasn’t sure how to get there.  After my first meeting with Kwame, I began to not only understand my value but also the seeming illusive “how” of connecting ability to purpose.

I began to realize that every step in the interview process was an opportunity for me to make an impact on those evaluating me.  For example, Kwame instructed me to specifically send a thank you card with a personalized (but professional) message as opposed to an email or some generic gesture.  After I received my offer one of the panelists that interviewed me specifically mentioned the letter and said it let her know that I had the personal commitment to do the job.  She said it reinforced what she already felt she knew and sealed the deal as her vote was concerned.

Kwame’s industry knowledge, customer service and empathic support make his techniques relevant to any professional at every level. I am truly grateful.”
Harris Tay
Executive Director of Wesley Community Center Incorporated 501(C)3.

“You can’t do everything on your own!  This reinforced the fact that my value doesn’t just begin with myself but also represents the network of people who helped me get to where I am, and ultimately where I am going.  I am fortunate to have had the assistance and encouragement from Kwame and Articulate U to successfully move me forward to a work environment that will honor and contribute to my value.”
Aminah Raatib
DL English Design Studio

“After attending your workshop, I interviewed for a promotion and was offered the job. Seven months later, another opportunity for advancement presented itself in the same office I just became a part of.  Of course, using the resume and interview techniques I learned from you, I was selected to be interviewed, and was offered the job.  Just recently, another opportunity for promotion was presented.  I applied and was invited for the interview.  My interview for that position was today, and I must admit it was probably one of the most intense interviews I have had in my career.  I utilized all of the strategies I learned from you and am confident I couldn’t have done anymore.  Regardless of whether I receive and offer, I can truly say the CEO Methodology is working in my favor.
L Thompson
LAUSD Administrator

“Within one week of working with Articulate U on reformatting and restructuring my resume I received 3 interviews.  One of those 3 interviews turned into my new position with Occidental Petroleum as a Geologist.  Prior to receiving this offer I had been out of work for 6 months and could not understand why my resume was not garnering the attention I thought it deserved.  Thank you Articulate U for showing me how to position myself and the keys to opening up the job market in my favor again.  Thank you!”
Drake Finley

“Articulate U’s expertise, passion, and genuine willingness to help you get to that next step is just invigorating.  I seriously felt like Super Woman after my session and landed the job that we believed I would get.  I am SO happy that I have had the opportunity to acquire even a fraction of the knowledge that they provide. Thanks again, Articulate U is the best!”
Mallory M. Dover
Visual Merchandiser Manager

“Kwame was extremely instrumental as I sought out and landed my latest opportunity at Vanguard.  He held me accountable and stressed the importance of me articulating what my impact would be on the firm’s profitability, productivity and efficiency.  Not only did he help me strengthen my success stories but he also gave me practical advice on how  to use his methods beyond the interview. Now that I have the job I want, I plan to use Kwame’s teachings to climb the ladder of success.    Kwame Dow and Articulate U, are a resource that you shouldn’t be without!”
George “Zeke” James, IV

“Kwame has been key to my professional growth and development. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with a mentor and professional coach of Kwame’s caliber. His expertise, knowledge and talent are exhibited in everything that he does. He is a powerful motivator, leader and will incite you to bring out your own personal and professional best.”
Laura M. Quezada
Operations Manager
Custom Upholstered Furniture Inc.

“These days the news says it can’t be done. Kwame Dow and Articulate U, say it can be done. After taking Kwame’s workshops, I now know the news is wrong. Kwame gives his clients a sense of empowerment and “can do” that is critical in today’s job market.

Garth Garrett
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

“Kwame’s attention to detail and expert knowledge continue to be an asset in my career.”
Robert A. Edison II
Belden, Inc.

“Kwame is extremely intelligent and has a very strong business sense. He is personable, trustworthy, professional, and talented. Kwame and Articulate U, have a unique process for helping individuals uncover their business value and self worth. I highly respect and value his insight and opinions, and gladly welcome any opportunity to work with him again.”
Charles Clark

“Thanks so much Kwame!  The information you presented made a big impact in my life.  I will practice what I have learned everyday…..also I am feeling confident that if I use what I have learned from your classes I will have a promising future.”

Lisa Martinez

“Kwame is the best. Bringing him into my job search was the best decision I could have made and money I could have spent. His advice was thoughtful and precise and I truly feel that I would not have gotten the (two) job offers that I did without him.”
Betsy Rosenfeld
The Art of Elysium

“The Self-Assessment module that I participated in on Tuesday was very helpful and it was a pleasure to meet you.  Your commitment to your mission is evident in the passion of your presentation.  I wish you and your clients success…”
Kathy Hendry

“Thank you!  The classes were very fun and I learned a lot!  I am recommending them to my friends.”
Miguel Garcia

“Thank you so much for the two classes…my co-worker Amy and I both agreed that you’re an excellent teacher who knows how to teach and motivate!  It’s wonderful that you love what you do; that your love for your work transcends to your students.”
Juanita Wright

“Kwame Dow is an excellent speaker who has a way of connecting with his audience. His presentations were motivational and inspirational and everyone in attendance praised Mr. Dow’s professionalism and enthusiasm. If his services are needed in the future, Mr. Dow will be my top choice.”
Wendy Gerhardt
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority