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90% of job seekers who work with us leave our programs better equipped to successfully tackle a job search!

“Kwame is the best. Bringing him into my job search was the best decision I could have made and money I could have spent. His advice was thoughtful and precise and I truly feel that I would not have gotten the (two) job offers that I did without him.”
Betsy Rosenfeld
The Art of Elysium

We Help U Communicate Your Value

At Articulate U we know how frustrating and tiring the job search can be. You already have an advantage, though, because you’re here on this page getting the information you need to begin to tip the process in your favor.

Before we get started see if you know the answers the to the following questions. If you answer any of them with NO, you may be squandering great opportunities. With some simple tips, we can breath new life into your job search.

  1. Do you know what an Applicant Tracking System is?
  2. Are you aware of the 4 Questions that all employers want answered?
  3. Do you know how long the average hiring manager looks at a resume?

Don’t worry if you didn’t know the answers.  That’s why we’re here.  The first step we’re going to take together is reviewing your resume.  With Articulate U’s Resume Module we correct common mistakes that may be costing you big in your job search.

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Have U already invested the 20 minutes needed to go through the Resume Module? Then you are ready to move onto the next step!  Click here for our coaching programs.  Find out how a session with us will teach you how to communicate your value both on your resume and in the interview.  Don’t try to do it by yourself, let us help you get the job that you both want and need.