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This module hits the key components of building a strong resume that will not only move smoothly through a Recruiter’s automated systems but will capture the attention of the reader… This module had me even opening up my own resume to ensure I was utilizing the recommended components.  This is a great tool for any level of Job Seeker!
Nicole Zinno
Executive Recruiter



  • Tire d of not getting a response from any of the resumes you submitted online?
  • Maybe your contact information is in the wrong place.
  • Or maybe you haven’t included important keywords for that particular position.

Don’t let simple mistakes keep you from getting the job you need.   Learn the guidelines professional resume writers use to get their clients noticed in the sea of applicants.

In Less Than 20 Minutes You Will:

  • Learn what happens to your resume when submitted online
  • Learn simple formatting keys often overlooked by Job Seekers but NEVER by the Hiring Manager
  • Learn what you don’t want to do when applying for multiple positions at the same company
  • Learn how the structure of your resume impacts its ability to make it through the Applicant Tracking System and on to the Hiring Manager’s desk
  • Learn what Hiring Managers need your resume to say for them to pick up the phone and call you – no matter what position you’re applying for
  • Save hundreds of dollars by garnering better results than you may receive by hiring a professional to write your resume
  • Create a customized resume based on the updateable sample provided, complete with sample bullets specific to your job title and experience

Create A Resume That Will Get U Hired
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NEW Resume Module

I really learned how to position and structure my resume after listening to this module.  Thank you!
G. James
Investment Banker

This investment will take your career to the next level.
Lori A Greenwood
ACE Insurance Company -Philadelphia, PA

I directly attribute my new position as Executive Director of Wesley Community Center Inc. to the support and guidance I received from Articulate U!
Harris Tay
Executive Director
Wesley Community Center

Your points on the resume were great! Three new interviews in the next two weeks.
D. Finley
Logistics Manager

After listening to the module I immediately went back to not only target my resume but to customize. Thanks Kwame, this really made me think about how I am positioning myself against the jobs I am applying for.
A. Johnson
Credit Analyst

This was an important exercise for me to go through as a hiring manager. It reminded me of what little time I have when scanning resumes; thus, allowing me to reflect on my own resume’s impact on a potential employer.

K. Boyd
Manager IIS
CourtSmart Digital Systems, Inc.

Click on NEW Resume Module to Purchase

NEW Resume Module

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